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The images suggested and maintained on our Web site, have been provided by users who have claimed to be the masterminds (or holders of copyrights) of the material. However, as often happens in any system, discrepancies may occur, disputes or irregularities on the material.
We take seriously the intellectual property. If you notice that a material infringes copyrights, and you be the owner of copyright or the author, please write to the following email address:

In your email, include 1) the links or pages of pictures or photos that break copyright 2) Your Name 3) reference sample or to show that you are the intellectual copyright of the material.
Please include in your email the three conditions. In the past we have received messages copyright irregularities, and after investigations, it has been shown that they are called "trolls" users who are wanting to make jokes or chaos on the website.
Please help us to meet all requirements. If we notice that indeed a material infringes intellectual property, we will give a warning to the user who uploaded the material and remove it from our database that image or photo in a shorter period of 10 working days.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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